There are 3 motors, 2 computer boards, dozens of electronic control devices and a few hundred feet of copper line, that make up the typical central air conditioning unit in North America. You will find that like anything else with moving parts or electronics it is susceptible to component failure. Even if you have the top of the line, best air conditioning unit on the market which we believe is American Standard, you will stilll from time to time need a repair. Some type of problem.
Most air conditioners experience a problem when it is the least convenient for it to do so. Such as its 105 degrees outside and the humidity is over 30 percent. You’re sweating, and you’re exhausted and your favorite air conditioning repair contractor, says they cannot make it out until tomorrow.
If you had ever the inclination to have your unit inspected before it gets too hot, early spring is the best time to do that especially if you live in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada. Temperatures in these areas are known to get over a hundred degrees by the end of April.
We asked the owner of TNA heating and cooling, Tamara Browne, what is the smartest course of action when it comes to avoiding an expensive, emergency air conditioner repair.
The number one advice that I would give says Tamara, is too have your unit serviced every year in early spring. If this is not financially feasible for your budget, here’s a few things that you can do on your own that will help. First of all turn on your air conditioning unit and make sure that it is blowing cold air out of each and every event. If it is it is a good idea to go outside and make sure that the condensing unit is also working at optimum level. Without a lot of gauges or tools to check this out, you can still a basic idea of how it is working. Hold your hand over the fan on top of the condensing unit. The air that comes off of this should be noticeably warmer and in fact hot. This is an indicator that the heat from the compressed refrigerant is being dissipated to the top of the air conditioning condenser. Obviously if the fan is not blowing it all or the temperature is not especially hot it is advisable that you seek and air conditioning repair company right away.
One of the things that I’d like to add is, dirty filters are one of the primary factors that we find preventing an air conditioner from doing its job, more often. This is because block airflow will sometimes cause the evaporator coils to ice over. This will prevent any air from blowing through your duct work and cause your house to heat up. This goes double if the humidity is high on that particular day. The best way to avoid this is to change your filter at least three times in the summer and three times in the winter. Whatever you do never run your air conditioner without a filter.

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