I need advice on Kelvinator air conditioner error codes.

Is that because they break so often or it is so hard to find service for them?

A little of both. And that’s aside from a manual whose default solution is call for service.

I know you have a lot of questions, because most of the manual’s troubleshooting is check the vents for air flow, make sure the filter isn’t clogged.

And make sure it isn’t set incorrectly. Whereas I don’t think my manual even lists the error codes for the AC.

D1 means the compressor is off.

I think that’s a mechanical failure.

No, more an informational notice. D2 means the air conditioner is still running, but it uses less power than normal.

Then that’s an energy efficiency notice.

D3 is the demand response where it uses three fourths the normal power.

I don’t care how much power it uses, only how much cooling power it produces.

If it gives you this notice, it is either a split room air conditioner in a high efficiency mode or malfunctioning because it can’t put out the power you need.

The latter case is a reason to call for service.

H1 is a normal notice for defrosting.

If you run the AC instead of the heater, that is caused by user error. If the unit is defrosting in any other circumstance, you need to change the filter to improve air flow or get the refrigerant leak fixed.

Yes, a refrigerant leak needs service, especially since home owners aren’t allowed to do refrigerant recharges anymore.

You’d think they had an error code for when it was leaking refrigerant.

E3 is a low pressure warning, usually caused when the AC is losing refrigerant.

And I’d have the pinging and bubbling noise in the AC coil as an extra warning.

You may not hear that noise over the extra motor noise as it runs longer and harder to keep the house just as cool.

That could cause components to overheat.

If it shuts off after ten or twenty minutes unexpectedly, that is probably overheating. If it shuts off in only two or three minutes, that’s usually a control panel problem.

I have to call for service for a control panel error not solved by resetting it. When is it a sensor issue?

E1 is a sensor related error message, but I don’t know which one.

Then I try to power cycle the AC, and if that doesn’t work, call for service to figure out which sensor it is.

It could be a wiring problem, too. Then again, if it turns off too early and gives E1 errors, that’s usually a thermostat problem.

If it says the house is already cool enough, I know the thermostat is the problem.

That or someone is sitting on the remote control or trying to turn up the volume and turning up the house temperature instead.

If the AC remote wasn’t working, I’d replace the battery. If someone else is working it too much, I’d take out the battery.

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