A regular maintenance of your carpeted living area is essential for the health of your entire family and regular vacuum cannot possibly handle this important task. When it comes to carpet cleaning in Ottawa, there are many options and alternatives to choose from. However, it is important to choose the right carpet cleaning method for your needs in order to ensure your home will be completely dirt and germs free without ruining your rug. More than that, there are many environmentally friendly and efficient solutions that can replace older techniques of cleaning.Shampooing is one of the oldest and most widely used methods of carpet cleaning in Ottawa. The technique is quite simple and it involves the injection of shampoo in the carpet by a machine. Afterwards, the machine uses a rotary movement to transform the shampoo into foam. When the foam gets mixed with the dirt and dries out, everything gets vacuumed and the carpet remains clean. This is what it is supposed to happen, but area rug cleaning Ottawa specialists draw attention to the fact that the foam does not dry completely, leaving residues and making the carpet a dirt magnet. The advantage offered by this cleaning method is the relatively low water usage.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a new method that uses a similar concept with the noted difference that the injected cleaning solution is immediately extracted back. This method uses pressure to inject the cleaning solutions and hot water into the carpet that will dissolve the dirt. The benefits of using this cleaning method are the rapidity with which the entire process is finished and the fact that it is cost-effective making it an obvious choice for customers that need a last-minute cleaning. There are few issues however, that may arise by using the hot water extraction technique. The main problem is the fact that some types of soils and dirt do not dissolve immediately leaving the carpet still dirty. Another issue that might become apparent after using this cleaning method is the fact that sometimes the vacuum power cannot handle the job of extracting the water completely from the carpet. A wet carpet can later develop mold and attract even more dirt and Ottawa medics are concerned with the health problems this could lead to.Dry powders are used as an alternative to the carpet cleaning methods mentioned above to solve the problem with wetness. The powders are applied directly on the carpet and brushed by a machine. After leaving the active cleaning substances do their job for a while, the mixture is vacuumed. The disadvantage of this newly developed technique is the fact that in the absence of water some soils do not dissolve and the carpet is not thoroughly cleaned.

Electrostatic carpet cleaning is a technique used only by a few Ottawa carpet cleaners. This method uses the latest technology to transform static electricity into an active dirt remover. However, specialists have their doubts with regards to the success this new method has, because wet carpets cannot be cleaned in theory because water conducts electricity.Carbonated cleaning is probably one of the most effective and issues free method of cleaning. It uses no soaps or chemical cleaning solutions, but a natural carbonated mixt that forms smalls bubbles from the base of the carpet that lift the dirt up, leaving the carpet thoroughly clean from the interior. The carbonated reaction does not leave the carpet damp and very little solution is needed, which means it is also cost-effective.

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